It all began in 2011. Before that for almost 10 years I was on a professional career roller coaster ride. Life then was all about ‘Work’. Long work days, never ending projects and tight deadlines were the norm. All of that worked well then, as I had the time and energy to devote 100% to work; I worked for a few leading organizations in the software services industry in Sri Lanka and quickly climbed up the corporate ladders.

Then things changed… 2011 with the birth of my son another aspect of my life naturally became a priority. I wanted to be there ‘always’ for my kid during his growing years (influence from our culture, religion and beliefs) and at the same time I never wanted to give up my professional career (influence from education, empowerment and globalization). Many young professional women all over the world is facing/or have faced this situation and many have chosen either one path or other. For me this dilemma opened up a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities. It shouldn’t be a choice…..The need for making it all work together (kids, family, career, self) became more important than ever. I realized that it’s not about being super mom/dad, it’s all about making it work together. I started my research on alternative ways of (aka flexible) working. While this is not a new concept globally, it is indeed relatively new and rarely explored subject in Sri Lanka. As I continued with my explorations I strongly felt the need for a localized platform to help and guide others as well to find alternative solutions to make it all work. Thus the beginning of this blog.

Since 2011 I have tried out a few different work options – working full time at office while others cared for my kid, working part time, telecommuting and now working from home independently. All these options are solutions for parents (or anyone actually) based on their individual circumstances. Each of these solution has its own benefits, struggles and limitations. Globalization and advancement of technology has given us these options and it is up to us individuals to Make it Work.

This blog will be dedicated to provide information about flexible working options and other related areas (where possible localized to the Sri Lankan context) that are helpful for working parents specially, to make things work around kids, family, career and themselves. It is my hope that readers will gain quick and easy access to information and also find some motivation to find ways to Make It Work!!!

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The Beginning

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