So what made Flexible Working so popular and so transformative over the last decade or so. It’s simply because, both individuals and organizations have realized the true value this practice brings to the table. It’s a widely accepted Win-Win solution.

 For an individual it’s all about:

  • Being able to attend to family needs when required – ability to drop/pick-up kids from school, attending to family members when sick, being there with kids for extra curricular activities, helping kids with studies, caring for aged parents.
  • Opportunities to continue with job/career even during difficult personal times – for parents with infants and toddlers, during personal disabilities, due to relocation needs, retirement
  • Ability to find a better work-life balance for the entire family – working around kids school schedule, work time rotations between spouses
  • Opportunities to pursue personal needs without impacting job – going back to school or continuing professional studies, pursuing hobbies, traveling, volunteer work
  • Alternative income earning opportunities – work multiple jobs, freelancing, starting a home business
  • Ability to adopt more healthier life styles – time to workout,  time to cook family meals, less stress, less commute, personal happiness

 For the organization it’s all about:

  • Attracting and Retaining valuable talent – access to a global resource pool, incentive for parents and caregivers, encourage training and skill development
  • Increased employee engagement – strong culture, employee loyalty, happy employees
  • Boosted productivity – focus on results rather than face-time
  • Cost Savings – reduced need for office space and equipment, avoid wastage
  • Increased Revenue – ability to operate for longer business hours, global presence
  • Competitive Advantage – attracting employees as well as clients
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – being supportive for the needs of the society, influence towards environment protection

If you are an individual trying to make it work, do not hesitate to go down this path of flexible working; it has been proven many time over to be a viable solution.

For the organizations (especially in Sri Lanka) my humble request from them is to focus on the benefits of flexible working; as you as an organization have the responsibility and the power to support your valuable employees to Make it Work.

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